How You Can Help
Many prime pieces of land have already been made un-available to the sportsman, but itís not too late to keep the outdoor tradition alive.

Here are some of the ways you can help promote this important cause:
Be a Corporate Sponsor
If you own a company of any kind and can afford to support our organization by a donation of merchandise to be used in fundraising activities, your generosity can go a long way. We can give your company a tax-deductible receipt, and use the merchandise for auctions, raffles or other events.

If your company is in the outdoors industry you can help yourself by supporting our efforts. Become a proud sponsor of the outdoor heritage through sponsoring our fishing tournaments, dinners or other activities. Contact us to find out more on upcoming events.

Become a Member
In addition to the pride of handing down a legacy of conservation to future generations, our Members receive:

  • Personalized Membership card
  • Subscription to Northeast Woods and Waters
  • Vehicle Decal
  • Directory of Trust land and ongoing updates as new land is acquired
  • Invitations to fundraising tournaments and events
  • The opportunity to make a difference through participation in local habitat improvement projects.
Basic Annual Membership is just $25 per year.

To help our cause, Print out the Membership Form and send it to us today!

Donate Land
Donating land releases landowners from the responsibility of managing the land while providing significant income and estate tax benefits. When land has substantial value, it is difficult to pass it on intact to heirs. When a landowner dies, the heirs may find that the estate taxes, based on the landís current fair market value, and levied at rates as high as 55% is more than they can pay. More importantly, the land donor knows the land will be preserved as open space and enjoyed by those who also appreciate the outdoors. If you donít have land to donate maybe you know of someone who does.

Land Donors automatically become lifetime members and receive recognition from the organization.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, the Sportsmens Land Trust can accept your charitable donation and give you the appropriate documentation for a tax deductible charitable contribution. Check with your tax advisor for specific advice on your particular situation.

Contact us to discuss land contributions or sales.

Form a Local Chapter
Members who share the vision are encouraged to start a local chapter. Local chapters get our important message out and raise funds for the Trust through benefit functions, tournaments, and membership drives. Money raised by your chapter is used to preserve land in your geographic area. Contact us to get started.

Buy from here
If you plan to buy from, you can contribute to our Land Trust at the same time at no extra cost to you! Just click on the Amazon link on our site and a portion of the sale comes back to the SLT. Easy! Go to our Amazon Link

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